Making Community
Giving Effortless

Simplify and Streamline Your
Community’s Donation Process

Your Community
Giving Platform

Explore the
Three Core Functions


Simplify and Streamline
your donation program


Create Donation Opportunities
for anything in your community


Say Thanks to those
who have given back


Catalog, geo-tag, and organize all of your Items. Bring visibility to past donations, current requests for dedications, or future items that you want to make available for adoption.

Simplify and Streamline your Donation Program

Map and List View

Show your community the exact locations of your Items.

Gallery View

Show multiple community Items as cards in a grid.

Item Profile

View Item pictures, description, and dedication details.


Turn your physical Items into opportunities for people to give back, and generate funds for use within your Community. Make existing items available for adoption, or raise funds for larger community initiatives.

Make Giving Easy and Exciting

Existing Items

Turn any Item in your Community into a Donation opportunity.

Future Items

Raise funds for new Items that you want placed in your Community.

Payment Feature

Enable Donors to give easily and securely.


Recognize and say thank you to those who have given back by highlighting their dedications within your Community. Empower your citizens and donors to share the story behind their gifts

Give Back to Those That Give to You

Empower Storytelling

Empower your Donors to share the Story behind their gift.

Give Physical Recognition

Celebrate Your Donors at the Item they donated with a Story Tag.

Add a Donor Profile

Allow your Donors to share more about themselves and their giving.